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About Astrology

Astrology is the study of how the position and proximity of celestial bodies in the universe affect individuals and events. Most popularly, people are grouped into 12 different sun signs, each with distinct characteristics. Your astrological group is determined based on the position of planets in relation to the sun on the day you were born. In this section, learn more about your astrology sign and how it shapes your personality and life.

  • Capricorn: The Influencers

    You have a great mix of ambition and sensibility that makes you an ideal influencer. Your wisdom allows you to make well-prepared and informed choices. Capricorns are known for their stability, but they can be emotional under their exterior shell.

    Aquarius: The Explorers

    You’re a great communicator and have a wittiness that draws others in. Though you like to surround yourself with lots of people, it can be hard for you to maintain close relationships. Aquarians have a natural curiosity and willingness to try new things.

    Pisces: The Dreamers

    You are well-liked because of your warm and genuine personality. You walk to your own beat and have no problem sacrificing yourself for others. Pisceans are big dreamers and idealistic, which may cloud their reality.

    Aries: The Initiators

    When an occasion arises, you’re quick to take charge. You have a dynamic personality that highlights your courage and enthusiasm. Aries are always willing to take initiative and spring into action. They are driven by excitement and adventure.

    Taurus: The Defenders

    You’re known for being practical and protective. People turn to you when they need a voice of reason. You’re easy-going, but will put up a fight if challenged. Taureans look for a comfortable lifestyle and avoid unnecessary risks.

    Gemini: The Performer

    With your warm personality and cheerful disposition, you’re easily well-liked. You’re great at communicating, especially with your sharp wit and intellect. Geminis can easily feel a mix of emotions, but this can leave them confused about their true feelings.

    Cancer: The Counsellors

    You have a very strong outer personality, but use it to hide your inner emotions. To those you let in, you are extremely loyal, sympathetic, and kind. Cancerians are greatly affected by their environment and tend to like staying in.

    Leo: The Enthusiasts

    You have a warm and strong personality that easily makes you the center of attention. You are fiercely ambitious and self-aware. Leos are concerned with their reputation and crave social status, which can make them picky about the people they associate with.

    Virgo: The Analyzers

    Your mind is one of your best assets. You are analytical, methodical, and great at connecting with others. You take your responsibilities very seriously, which can sometimes cause unnecessary pressure. Virgos easily sense when someone is trying to deceive them.

    Libra: The Fair

    You are a Libra! You naturally have a calm demeanor, but will become heated if someone upsets you. You’re friendly, charming, and know how to connect with others, which makes you fun to be around. Libras are great at staying level-headed in tough situations, but can also change moods very quickly.

    Scorpio: The Mysterious

    You are a Scorpio! It’s hard for others to figure you out. Though mysterious, you still have a magnetic personality. Scorpios can be reasonable, but won’t back down if someone crosses them. They are known to hold grudges and even be vengeful.

    Sagittarius: The Philosophers

    You are a Sagittarius! You tend to be lost in your own little world, which could involve deep involvement with travel or creative pursuits. Regardless, you’re always light-hearted, fun to be around, and love being active. Sagittarians love having the freedom to explore new and exciting opportunities.

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