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  • Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Are Back Together- What Do The Numbers Say?


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    Back in 2015 when celebrity ‘it’ couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner (or maybe better known as ‘Bennifer’ to their fans) decided to call off their marriage and get a divorce, the world of celebrity gossip lovers went a little bit mad with shock. But the news is in, and supposedly over a year after the couple decided to throw in the towel, they’re back at it willing to give their love another shot. Obviously, it would be fitting to look at the numerological compatibility of these two, right? Maybe numerology can shine a light on whether or not Jennifer and Ben are meant to be after all.


    When it comes to their Life Path numbers, Jennifer holds a Life Path number11, while Ben is a number 6. Although not necessarily a match that stands out as a hit compatibility wise, both numbers do have a desire for love (in all of its many shapes and forms) along with a karmic need to be of service to the world. Holding a Life Path number 6, Ben Affleck’s greatest quest in life is to learn to solve problems and help those in need. Jennifer Garner’s Life Path number 11 is simply just an all-around whimsical number, and a Master number to boot!


    Next, we move onto the couple’s Destiny numbers with Ben holding that of a Destiny number 1 and Jennifer possessing a Destiny number 7. It would appear that the relationship between the two would be a very intellectual one indeed. With the 1’s drive towards independent self-action, and the 7’s desire to get to the bottom of any sort of knowledgeable pursuit they set their sights on, the two could work great together as long as they allow each other ample amounts of space. Although very big on marching to the beat of their own drum, a number 1 possesses a bit more of a drive towards being around people than a number 7, which could cause a few issues for the couple. If Jennifer were to choose her pursuits over a little bit of couple-centered time, things could get ugly. But all in all, the partnership would be a wild and exciting one when it comes to their meeting of minds!


    Next, we look at the Soul Urge numbers of the two with Ben holding a Soul Urge number of 11 and Jennifer holding a Soul Urge number of 7. With a soul urge number of 7, Jennifer would enter into a relationship knowing ahead of time exactly what she wanted to come of it. The same would be true for a Soul Urge number 11, yet the nature of love would be a tad bit more mystical than that of a 7. Although very different in regards to how they both approach life, the one thing that a number 11 and a number 7 both bring to the table is an idealized need for love which would assist them both greatly in connecting as a couple.


    Lastly, let’s look at both Ben and Jennifer’s Personality numbers which are that of a 9 and an 11. Above all other numbers, these two truly do appear to be the most promising for them on the basis of compatibility. Said to be the two ‘soul mate’ numbers of all of the numerology combinations, the two would have a very similar humanitarian drive towards making the world around them a better place. Not necessarily a loud couple beyond their very obvious fame-induced attraction, Ben and Jennifer would both feel the desire to form a passionate and loving bond.


    Although the marriage between Hollywood hit couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner may have had a few bumps along the way—numerologically speaking it truly does appear as though the two have what it takes for a very deeply passionate, caring, and intellectual partnership. With the ability to nurture the mind, body, and soul behind them—it doesn’t come as too big of a surprise that these two decided to give it a shot, yet again. But then again, two people in the midst of a divorce who can still stand beside each other and co-parent their children does say quite a bit about how they work together as a team to begin with! Fingers crossed Bennifer- it looks like the numbers are in your favor!

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