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  • “All Eyez On Me” BioPic Confirmed: Let’s Take A Look At The Numbers Of This Rap Legend


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    With the recent release date of the movie ‘All Eyez on Me’ finally confirmed, we figured we’d cover the numbers of infamous rap giant Tupac Shakur. You know, in order to get a better idea of why people are still absolutely in love with this guy after all of these years. Now that the film actually has a release date, June 16th (which would have also been Tupac’s 46th birthday if he were still hanging around on the earthly plane) we just can’t help but get excited about this one.


    Born in New York City in 1971 and selling over 75 million albums during his time in the music industry, there’s no way to describe Tupac without mentioning that he was one heck of a success. Upon looking at his numbers, we can instantly see that there’s a pretty good chance that his Life Path number being that of a 22 probably had something to do with it. Considered to be the most powerful of all the numbers, Life Path number 22’s are given the ability to use their immense spiritual understanding to create success out of their dreams. Known to be a ‘Master Builder’ number, Life Path number 22’s are said to be able to transform their dreams into reality. Notoriously known for rapping about the fact that he grew up without, Tupac was able to channel the drive of his Master number 22 to assist him in going further than most rappers could even dream. By that, we mean that Tupac just had a way of attracting the masses—which can be seen even now, years later, with his success continuing long after his death in 1996.


    Next, we move on to Tupac’s Destiny number which is that of a number 1. A natural leader with a knack for being both highly independent as well as highly individualistic, the success that Tupac gained during his time in the music industry was entirely his own doing. Known for being incredible business owners, with the ability to manage a business from the ground up—Tupac was able to use his Destiny number 1 to assist him in making decisions and turning his dreams into reality via his ability to take the reins and craft his own unique vision of nirvana.


    With the spiritual inspiration and dream making magic of his Life Path number 22, coupled with the ‘go-getter’ attitude of his Destiny number 1, Tupac also has a Soul Urge number of 8, giving him a strong drive towards being able to manifest his success in the form of material wealth. Known largely for their ability to powerfully influence those around them, the fact that Tupac has a Soul Desire number of 8 comes as no surprise at all. This guy did die with a net worth of roughly $40 million, after all! But one thing that Soul Urge number 8 does need to learn is how to use their powerful abilities in a manner that does not involve the misuse of power. Much like the Scorpio depicted in astrology, a Soul Urge number 8 has to learn to use their intensity and magnetism in a way that is more spiritually focused to avoid any negative outcomes (such as, death at the hands of an irate gang-member, in his case).


    Lastly, we have Tupac Shakur’s Personality number 5 to thank for his enormous success. Known largely for their desire to live a life comprised of freedom and adventure, a Personality number 5 has a way of tantalizing and impressing those around them simply by doing no more than being themselves. With an incredible ability to use words to get exactly what he wants, and a great big dose of charisma to go along with it, Tupac’s Personality number 5 was surely one of the main reasons why he is still able to charm his fans even long after his death. The fact that no other rapper can spit rhymes like this guy doesn’t hurt one bit either! Once again, as far as Tupac’s success goes—the numbers tell us a heck of a lot. Check out the trailer for Tupac’s ‘All Eyez on Me’ below!


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