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  • George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin Marry in Italy


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    george-clooney-amal-alamuddinImage via Daily Mail

    Actor George Clooney married barrister Amal Alamuddin over the weekend in Venice. The formerly elusive bachelor has been known for dating frequently and rarely staying single, though George had only tied the knot once before. After over 10 girlfriends, is Amal the one who will finally hold him steady? By looking at their numerology, their numbers tell us distinct personality traits of each individual and how these traits complement and clash with each other. At the start of their relationship, many were surprised that George was dating a lawyer instead of the usual Hollywood starlet. Since his Personality Number is 5, he is perceived as a charismatic charmer who can’t be held down for too long. On the other hand, Alamuddin’s Personality Number is 9, which signifies that she’s a more gentle and modest soul. Though they may seem like a bit of an unconventional match on the surface, their other numbers suggest that the differences in their personalities are just enough to keep things interesting without causing problems.

    At his core, George is a Leader 1 who has a strong and confident personality. Amal is an Artist 3, which makes her equally as confident as her new husband, but her overall demeanor is more light-hearted. The combination of 1 and 3 is one of the best for relationships since both numbers value enjoying each other’s company, while the balance of the two numbers creates a lifestyle that allows for big dreams and the know-how to achieve them. Ultimately, Amal’s motivations and desires veer towards a more intellectual level. Both her Expression Number and Heart’s Desire are 7, which is the number of truth. As a human rights lawyer, she’s concerned with bringing justice and is driven by her desire for knowledge and expertise. With an Expression Number 2, George and Amal have similar goals in life, as well as the combined skills to achieve these goals. 2’s are concerned with emotion and compassion towards others. While Amal is concerned with helping humanity from a knowledge and legal standpoint, George is more concerned with doing this with his natural charisma to encourage empathy and charity.

    With a Heart’s Desire of 6, George is very understanding and sympathetic of others. Again, both him and Amal are driven to help others, but from different perspectives. Couples with a Heart’s Desire of 6 and 7 have a bit of a love-hate relationship. They both respect each other for working towards the ultimate goal of helping those in need, but may become frustrated by each other’s approach. Amal may see George as being overly driven by emotion and spontaneity, rather than fact. But with the right nurturing, her more level-headed approaches will keep George grounded and the pair will be able to grow perfectly together.

    Already, George and Amal have made a positive impression in Italy with their down-to-earth attitude. One restaurant owner gushed over George, saying that he made sure to graciously thank every staff member before leaving. There’s also a rumour that the couple has given Vogue the rights to their wedding photos and that the money made off the photos will be donated to charity. Instead of a typical Hollywood romance, George needed someone who shared his passion for humanity. Based on their number compatibility, this looks like it will be a great relationship that will stick, as long as George doesn’t fall back into his old ways of acting irrationally and emotionally closing himself off.

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