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  • John Travolta’s Award Show Awkwardness


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    Image via PopSugar

    At the 2014 Oscars, John Travolta infamously mispronounced Frozen star Idina Menzel’s name as “Adele Dazeem”. This year, Menzel played on that flub by introducing Travolta as “Glom Gazingo”. Travolta acknowledged that he “deserved that”, then proceeded to cradle her chin while commenting, “You, you my darling, my beautiful, my wickedly talented Idina Menzel”. In spite of the creepy display, Travolta’s rep has come out to say that the whole thing with Menzel was planned. This may have been planned (albeit, still unsettling), but his interaction with Scarlett Johansson on the red carpet earlier surely wasn’t. Travolta was photographed awkwardly wrapping his arm around Johansson and kissing her on the cheek while standing behind her. In the picture, Johansson does not reciprocate or look impressed.

    That’s two Oscars in a row where Travolta has made headlines for being cringe-worthy. Many remember Travolta as the cool and suave heartthrob from Grease, so how did he go from that to this? His numerology reveals that his Maturity Number is 7, which means that through his years, Travolta has become less concerned with maintaining a public front and more concerned with finding deeper meaning in his private life.

    The Maturity Number comes into play around age 35 and strengthens with age. At 61 years old, Travolta is in the prime of his Maturity Number, which is made even stronger because of the repeating 7 in his Heart’s Desire. This also explains his involvement with the controversial Scientology. Travolta has turned to Scientology as an attempt to broaden his understanding of life and himself. Multiple 7’s pose the risk of alienating a person while they are in search for answers.

    It’s highly possible that 7’s have caused Travolta to become rather apathetic about celebrity life and social norms, thus causing him to act strangely because of his discomfort in high-profile situations. Though it’s easy to joke about his behavior, we’re just glad that Travolta still makes public appearances and hasn’t completely closed himself off.

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