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  • Katy Perry Unleashes Life Path 3 Creativity With “Chained To The Rhythm”


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    Recently releasing what appears to be yet another hit song (she’s got how many of those on her list now?) we figured that with the release of Katy Perry’s latest song Chained To The Rhythm, it would only be fitting to dive in and discuss this trend-setting pop singers numbers. You know, just to get a better understanding of where the brilliance comes from—numerology sure is cool, isn’t it?


    Upon first listen of Katy’s latest hit, we’re instantly whammed with magic and catapulted into the futuristic vibes of yet another one of her whimsical masterpieces. Taking place in an amusement park, the pop star’s new song outlines the downfalls of modern society pointing out clearly within the song’s many verses that we as human beings are essentially puppets on a string. With lines like:


    Are we crazy?
    Living our lives through a lens
    Trapped in our white-picket fence
    Like ornaments
    So comfortable, we live in a bubble, a bubble


    It’s pretty obvious that there’s a whole lot more to Katy Perry than meets the eye. This woman is a Scorpio, after all. However, that’s a story for a different day. Want to know exactly what gives Katy Perry the drive to produce music that’s just so—real? To the numbers, we go!


    Possessing a lively and communicative Life Path number of 3, it’s no surprise that Katy made her way into the limelight. With such a vast drive to communicate and share everything and anything with everyone around her, Katy’s career is the perfect example of the positive potential that a Life Path number 3 possesses. Highly creative and brimming to the surface with numerous ideas and visions, we’re sure that Katy’s Life Path number aids in her ability to charm and dazzle the crowd as a lyrical genius.


    But where does all of that independent and individualism stem from? Well, that would most likely be thanks to her Destiny number 1. With a strong desire for immediate independent action and the energy and drive to rage fourth and take life by the reigns, Katy has no issue with doing it all on her own. With the assistance of a mysterious and alluring Personality number 7, there’s simply something that clearly draws us to her to listen to what she has to say. Although very sure of herself and obviously also possessing the knowledge to back it up—warmth might not necessarily be at the top of her list. Number 7’s are more so about finding the answers, not coddling those in need of hearing them. Which definitely makes itself very evident in her brash no BS way of singing about what’s real.


    However, at the heart of this chatty, independent, daring young woman—lie’s a wonderful Soul Urge number 6, making her main quest in life being of service to those in need. With the mix of her Life Path number 3, Destiny number 1, Personality number 7, and Soul Urge number 6—we’re giving one mighty fine numerology profile indeed. One that consists of a desire to communicate and perform, to do so in an independent and individual-centered manner, to seek out the answers of all of life’s questions, and to bring a strong service-oriented approach to her dealings with people.


    With one heck of a catchy beat, it might be a little bit tough for some to see the true and hidden message to Katy Perry’s latest hit Chained To The Rhythm, but there is indeed a much deeper message hiding in there just waiting to be found. Which in all reality, seems to be a very strong trend that this gorgeous and talented pop singer always tends to add to her wonderful musical talents. Although no one but Katy herself would be able to tell us what the heck the song is really all about, we are willing to bet that her Life Path number 6 had something to do with all this! All in all, Katy Perry’s numbers sure do appear to speak the truth yet again.


    Check out Katy Perry’s latest hit Chained To The Rhythm in the video below!


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