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  • Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi Ad Controversy


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    After attempting to project a message of global unity in a commercial this past week, Kendall Jenner received an apology from the popular beverage company Pepsi, and it’s got us all in a tizzy! We’re curious to look into the numbers of Kardashian ‘it’ girl Kendall to get a better idea of what may have been going through her head- because let’s be real—this Pepsi commercial controversy has sparked quite a bit of debate. Slander, or unintentional controversy? Let’s let the numbers decide!



    Of all of her numbers, one of the most important to focus on when it comes to whether or not Kendall was attempting to spark controversy—is that of her Life Path Number 2. Highly humanitarian, calm, and incredibly intuitive with a need to bring peace to whatever she touches in life, it would be tough to say that Kendall was aware of there being any issues in being featured in Pepsi’s latest ad. With a strong drive to assist everyone in getting along, before the controversy on Kendall’s latest commercial interaction, there’s a pretty good chance that she thought she was doing just that—building unity among people.


    Next, we move onto Kendall’s Destiny number which is that of a number 3. Communicative, chatty, creative, optimistic, and expressive—Kendall was sure to have been using the power of her Destiny number 3 within the commercial that happened to not sit so well with viewers. With the majority of the controversy surrounding the fact that she handed a Pepsi off to a Police Officer, we can see her Destiny number 3 in play very strongly—attempting to make a bubbly and outgoing gesture that would hopefully, in turn, result in ‘everyone just getting along.’


    After her lovely Destiny number 3, we move onto Kendall’s independent and individuality focused Personality number which is that of a number 1. Known for their desire to be a ‘leader of the pack,’ we can see Kendall’s Personality number 1 in her almost fearless display of unifying action. Not afraid of much, and always sure to give off an appearance that shouts “You can’t push me around! ” the mere fact that Kendall was down with having the commercial removed, due to what she believed to be a misrepresentation of what she was attempting to get across, could very well correlate to her Personality number of 1. Although we should add that one of the frustrations that Personality number 1’s do typically have to deal with is the fact that some people don’t necessarily appreciate how confident a number 1 can come off. Nonetheless, given that one of a number 1’s biggest quests is to appear less brash, aggressive, and unreceptive, we could say that Kendall handled the situation flawlessly.


    Lastly, we look at Kendall’s Soul Urge number, which is that of a 7, to give us a few more answers. With a knack for studying things in-depth and always looking for answers that lie below the surface of life—Kendall’s knowledge-hungry Soul Urge number 7 can be seen in the fact that she agreed to do the commercial, to begin with. Always hoping to find the real answers behind why people do things, Soul Urge number 7’s aren’t simply content with listening to the same old tune. Although her quest to assist Pepsi in unifying the masses with their latest commercial may not have been the most successful one—we’re pretty sure that Kendall’s true intention was one of peace. It’s just too bad that at this point, our country simply doesn’t appear to want to hear it.


    With a sweet and peace-seeking Life Path number 2 to assist her in going about things in a gentle and sensitive way, a Destiny number 3 to push her towards knowing exactly what to talk about in order to spark change, a Personality number 1 to give her the appearance of someone who shouldn’t be messed with, and a Soul Urge number 7 to make knowledge her top priority— the results might not have been what you were hoping for this time, Kendall Jenner- but we do hope that you don’t give up the fight for trying to make the world a better place anytime soon!

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