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  • Are Leonardo DiCaprio & Rihanna Dating?


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    Image via OK! Magazine

    Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna have recently been spotted spending time together, fueling rumors that “RiCaprio” were an item. Rumors started last month when DiCaprio attended Rihanna’s birthday party. Reports at the party claimed that Rihanna was “following” him around throughout the night. However, sources close to DiCaprio say that the two are just friends.

    The actor, 40, has become known for his wild and romantically fleeting lifestyle. Similarly, Rihanna, 27, is synonymous for being music’s bad girl. Despite the two having similar social lives, their motivations behind their attitudes are what separates the pair, which would also make it extremely difficult for them to maintain a good relationship. DiCaprio has a Life Path Number of 7 and Rihanna has a Life Path Number of 3. As a Truth Seeker 7, DiCaprio naturally has a lone wolf kind of personality. Despite surrounding himself with people, he does not let others get too close to himself to maintain his mysterious persona that draws people in. He likes to keep others curious and surprised, which is why he prefers keeping others guessing about his love life.

    On the other hand, Rihanna is an Artist 3 who is energetic, restless, and enjoys exploring new things. She’s really not concerned about what others think as long as she’s having a good time. If the two were to get involved in a relationship, they’d be initially attracted by each other’s energetic social personality. However, Rihanna would quickly get tired of DiCaprio’s tendency to be closed off. Since Rihanna is a straight-forward kind of person, she would have no problem confronting him about such issues. However, DiCaprio would become defensive and even more distant, which would cause Rihanna to quickly lose patience and move on.

    While the idea of RiCaprio might excite fans, we think it’s best that the two just remain friends.

    To find out your own relationship compatibility, check out our guide!

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