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  • Numerology In The Workplace: Working With A 6


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    A number 6 can be one of the best coworkers or bosses that you’ll ever have. Number 6s love to solve any problem that they encounter, even if it’s not their own. 6s will always try to help others, even if it puts them in a bad situation. They have an empathetic ear that allows them to always be a shoulder to cry on. A 6 works well in groups and never slacks off in a group. They put all of their effort into their work but never give themselves credit for what they’ve done.


    It’s important if you have a number 6 in your group that you remind them that they are valued. They don’t think they have accomplished anything, even if they are amazing at their work, and they need to be reminded of that.


    A 6 is also very loyal, and they expect the same from you. If you deceive them or try to trick them, they’ll be extremely hurt. Their loyalty and helpfulness can often cause them to be taken advantage of. It’s important to know that just because they are nice, it doesn’t mean they are dumb. People also tend to believe they can make a 6 do everything. Although 6s have a calm and cool exterior, they aren’t superheroes. They get very overwhelmed and internalize their feelings. After always trying to solve other’s problems and trying to do everything for everyone, they can become anxious and irritated.


    Although it may seem like they only care about others, they are very driven about their own careers. 6s work hard, and although they don’t recognize their own talents, others do. 6s are very likely to get promoted because they are helpful, motivated, and ethical workers.


    If your boss is a 6, you can expect them to be very sensitive to their employee’s needs.  They listen to employees, especially in times of conflict, and do their best to create a solution that benefits everyone. They also want to help you succeed, whether that be with opportunities to advance in the company, extra training, or whatever you feel you need, you don’t have to be afraid to ask them for it.


    Although 6s have such wonderful qualities, there are some downsides to working with them. They work so hard, and if they feel like they aren’t being appreciated or recognized, then they may become jealous of those who receive recognition instead of them. They wouldn’t purposely act on their feelings of jealousy, but you may feel the negativity nonetheless.


    They also tend to be anxious and insecure. 6s need more attention and reassurance than most numbers. If they don’t get enough attention, they will become extremely needy or even resort to doing things that seem out of character, like pretending to be ill, so they can get the acknowledgment that they need.


    6s rarely are involved in conflict but don’t test them. 6s don’t engage in conflict, but they will stop being sympathetic and helpful toward anyone who abuses their loving nature as their way of ending it. Vice versa, if for whatever reason, you feel like a 6 has wronged you, they will do whatever it takes to make it right.


    Very rarely will a 6 will turn on you, but if they do it will be well deserved. Beware, if you get on a 6s bad side, there is no turning back. They are the most harmonious number, so it takes a lot for them to dislike you. They will do whatever it takes to get even.


    6s will never pick on someone less fortunate, and love to stand up for people they deem to be weaker. They enjoy planning fundraisers, volunteer events, and anything else they can do to give back to the community.


    Part of giving back to the workplace community is helping new employees be trained. They are always the first to volunteer to help a new employee, listen to their concerns, and get them acquainted with everyone in the work environment. It may seem like they know everyone in the office because they are usually everyone’s friend.


    Overall, a 6 will be the most helpful boss or coworker you will ever have. They enjoy solving problems and being a sympathetic ear, but this can cause them to get overwhelmed, although they won’t admit it. They also are extremely loyal, but if they are double crossed or taken advantage of, 6s will stop being kind to you. It takes a lot to make a 6 angry, but be wary of them if you do.

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