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  • Numerology In The Workplace: Working With A 7


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    Working with a 7 can seem like it will be a bad experience, but it can be as good or as bad as you would like it to be. 7s are eccentric, but not weird. 7s enjoy being different and don’t care if others find them unusual. They consider themselves to be very spiritual, and are known as the “intellectual explorers” of the Life Path numbers because they love to question things and search for answers.


    7s are curious and love to ask a lot of questions. They do well in jobs that require them to answer questions that have never been asked before. A 7 will get bored if they have to do the same thing every day, or if all the answers to their problems are clear-cut or straightforward. They love to solve problems by using self-reflection and intuition. 7s depend a lot on their intuition, and follow their hearts more than their brains. Although they follow their hearts, they don’t make dumb decisions.  Everything that they decide to do, they decide because they think it will be the best way for themselves, and their coworkers, to have the most personal development and connect with their higher selves.


    They possess the decision-making skills they need to benefit the groups they work in, but usually, they prefer to work on their own. They are independent and love to be with their own thoughts. 7s use their alone time and their off days to recharge, rejuvenate, and daydream. Even though they like to be alone, they also enjoy being with coworkers who want to better themselves, and make genuine connections with others. When you start employment in the same place with a 7, you might think they are antisocial and strange, but really they just hate gossip and drama, and prefer to stick to their close friends. 7s will probably not be one of the first people you talk to in the office because they want to get a feel for you first and make sure you are someone that they want to engage with.


    One thing about working for a 7 is that they value self-respect. You may think that this has nothing to do with you, but they believe that part of respect is having a sense of justice. If your boss is a 7, they will want to be fair to their employees. If there is ever a conflict, they take it very seriously and will use their need for justice, intuition, and decision making skills to help their employees as much as they can.


    7s also do not abuse their power. As previously stated, they are very spiritual people. They understand that money and power are temporary, and they would rather make a higher connection than indulge in things that are materialistic. This makes them less likely to value profits over their employees, and also makes them less competitive and uptight. 7s are less likely to be found in things such as sales, because they will never pressure employees to do anything except be a better person.


    Although 7s are pretty laid back, they do want to do their best, and they expect the same from everyone around them. They won’t slack off, and they won’t tolerate anyone else slacking off either. They work hard and do their best, but a 7 will always strive to do better.


    7s hate traditional work, so they tend to try to make things more interesting for themselves. They value experiences more than material things, so they benefit from things like business trips, outings, and hands-on training more than work that requires them to sit down.


    Overall, 7s are hardworking, independent, and want to live an adventurous and spiritual life.   7s have a hard time balancing their introversion with their need to surround themselves with other spiritual people. If you work with a 7, you can be sure you’re working with a person with values and dignity that will never try to do harm to others. Just beware that if you do anything that seems shady to them, like gossip about another person, they will not want to be around you anymore.

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