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The numbers in numerology are represented by 9 single digits, 1 through 9. Most often, numerological aspects can be calculated and broken down to a single digit, with each digit representing a unique set of characteristics for an individual.

These 9 numbers are applied to 5 core numbers in Numerology. The most important of the core numbers is your Life Path Number. To help identify with each Life Path Number, New Age Number has appointed a name and symbol to the number that reflects its predominate characteristic.

  • Leaders: The Visionaries

    As a 1, you’re a natural born leader. Whether in life, career or travel, you’re at the head of the pack showing others the way.

    Peacemakers: The Harmoniuos

    You are a peacemaker, able to bring harmony to the most stressful of situations. Your sympathetic and caring nature makes you a great friend and partner.

    Artists: The Creative

    3′s are the artists whose creative talents know no limits. As a 3, you possess a heightened sense of expression and you are gifted with the pen, on the stage or with an instrument.

    Guardians: The Protectors

    4′s are without a doubt reliable, dependable, and guided by a strong code of ethics. You believe in right and wrong, you believe in honour, and you believe in fighting for it.

    Adventures: The Free

    5′s are the adventurers, constantly exploring and discovering new wonders. Variety is spice of life for you, dear 5, and you thrive in a world of newness and change.

    Scientists: The Brilliant

    6′s are the problem solvers of the world. You believe no problem is without a solution and are driven to fix things for others. With a delicate balance of logic and empathy, you are quick to offer a hand to anyone in need.

    Truth Seekers: The Enlightened

    7′s are after truth. They wish to discover the mysteries of the universe and connect with their higher selves. Because of this, 7′s live a life of wonder.

    Moguls: The Industralists

    8′s are the masters of money. Financial gain and security is of utmost importance to you. You love the finer things in life and knowing that living well isn’t cheap fuels your ambition

    Healers: The Utopians

    9′s live by a code – that it is better to give than to receive. You are selfless to the core and believe in a world where there is peace and happiness.

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