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  • Artists: The Creative

    Threes are the Artists whose creative talents know no limits. As a 3, you possess a heightened sense of expression, and you are gifted with the pen, on the stage or with an instrument. You were incredibly imaginative as a child, which has led to a lifelong passion of the creative arts. You are in touch with your emotions and when conflict arises, you know when to walk away to take a breather. After you have regained control, you can let it go and return with smiles and jokes.

    Although 3′s are not known for their organization skills, you can be dedicated and disciplined. When it comes to achieving your dreams, you happily put in the work. When a 3 harnesses their talents, and works towards their dream, they do not go unnoticed. Learning to channel your endless ideas is key to your happiness and success. 3′s need to be careful that they don’t procrastinate or lose focus when working toward their dreams.

    3′s are loved throughout their social circles. You love to talk and love to be the center of attention. You don’t take yourself too seriously and have a sense of humor that draws others to you. Your happiness is inspirational, as is the positive approach and optimism with which you face challenges.

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