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  • Guardians: The Protectors

    4′s are without a doubt reliable, dependable, and guided by a strong code of ethics. You believe in right and wrong, you believe in honour, and you believe in fighting for it. 4′s don’t believe in short cuts. You play by the book, play it smart, and prefer the slow and steady approach. By measuring twice and cutting once, you rarely miss, but sometimes you might play it too safe.

    Family is of the utmost importance to you. 4′s thrive with responsibility and hold a strong sense of guardianship toward their home and country. You are happy to lend a helping hand to create a better community. 4′s value and protect the laws that ensure a safe society for everyone. You’re a great team player driven by achieving great results rather than recognition or riches.

    4′s are great at taking charge and make courageous leaders. You have a strong will, are fiercely competitive with little fear, and are always willing to get your hands dirty. 4′s are skilled at finding the right roles for everyone on their team.

    Fours are straightforward, systematic, and get the job done. Sometimes you can be seen as being a bit blunt as you prefer to get to the point rather than beat around the bush. You are great at making decisions, especially when there is a crisis.

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