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  • Leaders: The Visionaries

    As a 1, you’re a natural born leader. Whether in life, career or travel, you’re at the head of the pack showing others the way. You are adventurous, driven and love to be the first to try something new. You are practical and straightforward, which makes it easy for you to see the solution to any problem. You have high expectations for yourself and others, which keeps you improving. 1′s get noticed, and you are usually the centre of attention and well respected by those around you. 1′s are confident, independent and strong. You make your opinions heard, and stand up for what you believe in. When you set your sights on something, nothing can stop you. Any obstacles are easily overcome as you work your way to the finish line and achieve your goals. Where there’s a 1, there’s a way.

    1′s find great success and fulfillment in their careers. With your leadership skills and determination to see something through from start to finish, you excel quickly and promotions come your way. As visionaries and doers, 1′s make excellent entrepreneurs, inventors, and athletes.

    Believing strongly in your opinions is part of what makes you great, but be careful that that confidence and certainty don’t make you stubborn, aggressive or closed to new ideas and ways of seeing things.

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