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  • Moguls: The Industrialists

    Eights are the Masters of Money. Financial gain and security is of utmost importance to you. You love the finer things in life and knowing living well isn′t cheap fuels your ambition. When it comes to solving life′s problems, you know that where there′s a dollar, there′s a way. Not without a little hard work, Eights find wealth and fortune easier than most. Your earning potential combined with your common sense makes you an excellent leader of the business world. Be careful to not get so caught up in material attachments that you lose sight of your journey in life.

    Eights have the potential to be extremely important, respected and honored. Your hard-earned level of influence will serve to open doors of all kinds. You have an instinct for survival, and your mistakes and lost battles only make you stronger. You are someone to be listened to, and many will follow your words to learn from your successes.
    Eights love their families. You go out of your way to help your loved ones grow and prosper. When it comes to those personal relationships that mean the most to you, you give everyone an equal amount of attention and love.

    Eights go far in their careers. You are full of revolutionary ideas that scare the competition and excite those on your team. You are a natural born leader that people simply love to follow. With a boisterous personality and a great understanding of people, you are adept at building skilled teams and optimizing work processes. Eights are the movers and shakers in the government, financial, and industrial sectors. Eights excel as lawyers, entrepreneurs, bankers, property managers, professors, noble prize winners, and award-winning authors.

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