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  • Peacemakers: The Harmonious

    You are a Peacemaker, able to bring harmony to the most stressful of situations. Your sympathetic and caring nature makes you a great friend and partner. With excellent perception and intuition, you have the uncanny ability to know what others want and are feeling. As a 2, you use this knowledge to support those around you. Your happy place is surrounded by friends and family, and with you around, it’s their happy place as well.

    You thrive in harmonious settings and work well with others. You are patient, cooperative, and able to remain calm in stressful situations. People rely on you to bring a sense of calm to their hectic lives. And you rise to the occasion. When there is conflict, you are the one who can bring peace and help bring about resolution.

    2′s do well in any business setting. With a pride in their work and a sense of diligence, when there is a 2 around, the job will get done. 2′s are humble and don’t always receive the credit they deserve, but that’s okay with them. Behind every successful venture, is a 2. Opportunities where you can support a large group in accomplishing lofty feats will be ones that you excel in.

    However, just because every workplace can benefit from what a 2 has to offer, doesn’t mean that every workplace is ideal for you. Finding your unique calling is important to your happiness, and you shouldn’t underplay this in your desire to help others. 2′s make excellent healers and often find success and fulfillment in the healing arts of massage, acupuncture, physical therapy and counseling. Find what you love, and although you do not seek fame and fortune, it will find you.

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