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  • Truth-Seekers: The Enlightened

    7′s are after truth. They wish to discover the mysteries of the universe and connect with their higher selves. Because of this, 7′s live a life of wonder. They walk a unique path filled with personal development that leads them through many cycles of transformation. 7′s have a well-honed intuition, which they rely on heavily. Whether focused on self discovery, attempting to make a decision, or searching for a solution to a problem, deep reflection and gut feeling are key. Thanks to this intuition and a sharp intellect, you are skilled at solving even the trickiest of problems. This intuition and heightened power of observation, makes 7′s great investigators, journalists, and scientists.

    While 7′s love and are loved by a crowd, companionship is not a necessity. You are independent in mind and spirit, and in your solitude you find peace. You are not afraid to work alone, and sometimes you would prefer to do so. You cherish your down time as the source of your energy and know exactly when you need to recharge.

    Strong connections with the people in your life are important to you. You are selective of whom you spend your time with and tend to have a small group of close friends. Those within your tight-knit group are quite interesting and have all made a strong impression on you. You find genuine companionship fulfilling and love without attachment or dependence. You have a high level of self respect, which keeps you from mingling with self-destructive people and circles.

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