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  • Did Prince Predict His Own Death?


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    Can numerology predict whether or not you’ll be given psychic abilities? It’s a very interesting topic that we don’t seem to touch on too often. At least, not typically in-depth. With news being released this month that one of the most prominent musicians of our time, Prince, may have predicted his own death—it made us want to know more. Can the numbers give us any information on how he may have known his life was coming to an end? Let’s take a look!


    Although possessing certain numbers is said to lead towards different behaviors, IE: Creativity, Sensitivity, Sensitivity towards humanity—we don’t often talk about how these things all tie together to make someone more psychically receptive. Though there are a few clues that point towards sensitivity and intuitiveness, these things aren’t often stated in black and white terms. But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible! This month, E! News released an article stating that one of Prince’s 8 siblings is claiming that he had warned her about his death ahead of time. In the article, E! goes onto to state that:


    “About three years ago he called,” his sister Tyka Nelson, 56, says on the upcoming People and ABC special People Icons: Gone Too Soon, of which excerpts were posted online. “He said, ‘I think I’ve done everything I’ve come to do.'”


    Pretty interesting, right? Well, numerology may be able to shed some light on this one too! When we look at Prince’s numbers, one of the first things that stands out is the fact that Prince holds a Life Path number 9. Said to be a number of completion, the fact that Prince so clearly stated that he had done all that he had come here to do—shouldn’t come as too big of a surprise. Number 9 Life Path numbers are said to have a pre-destined life in a sense that often involves a quest towards learning to let things go in a way that is organic and not controlled.


    With his Life Path number 9, we move onto Prince’s Soul Urge number of 7 which just further ties together the potential for possessing a mystical nature. Ruled by the planet Neptune, a Soul Urge number 7 is said to be incredibly wise, compassionate, and highly spiritual. Correlating largely to the sign Pisces which is known very widely for their psychic receptivity—we’re beginning to see that there is the definite potential that Prince could have known exactly what he was talking about! Always seeking to learn and expand, Soul Urge number 7’s are known to be on a karmic path towards unveiling the true meaning of life.


    Next, we’ll look at Prince’s personality number which is that of a number 11. Possessing a master number of 11, we can immediately see the potential for psychic abilities! Master number 11’s, after all, are widely known to be the most intuitive of all numbers possessing insight without rational thought. Adding in his Destiny number 1 to the mix, Prince would have a drive to really go about life with a highly independent outlook, a desire for individualism, and a strong drive towards being the leader of the pack. This would, in turn, strengthen the soft and sensitive nature of his master number 11 personality number, and allow it to truly work its magic.


    Although we can’t truly say for sure, as obviously, we aren’t able to talk to Prince about what really occurred (unless there are any mediums out there who can ring this guy for an interview, that is!), we can say that according to the numbers, Prince does appear to have the numbers working in his favor for psychic abilities. Whether he did actually predict his death or not may still be up for debate—but anything is possible, and the numbers never lie! Plus, isn’t it interesting that possessing a Soul Urge number of 7 that Prince brought forth the mystical gem in the video below? Life; it really is a magical thing.


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