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  • What Rihanna & Audrey Hepburn Have In Common


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    audrey_hepburn_rihanna What do Rihanna and Audrey Hepburn have in common? Style. Though Rihanna’s bold edginess is a contrast from Audrey’s feminine grace, it’s undeniable that both are inspirational style icons. This year, Rihanna was honoured as a style icon at the CFDA awards for her daring outfits that push the boundaries of fashion. Similarly, Audrey became a member of the International Best Dressed List’s Hall of Fame in 1961 for her elegant and timeless style. A key similarity that propels their trendiness is their Life Path Number. Both of them are 3’s (Artists).

    Like the name suggests, Artists aren’t afraid to express themselves through whatever means are possible. In this case, they’ve taken their clothes to the next level by using them as instruments of iconic self-expression. Like true Artists, they act as inspiration for others, reminding them that letting their true self shine out brings the greatest rewards and fulfillment. Today, we’re still looking to Audrey for little black dress inspiration from her Breakfast At Tiffany’s days and we’ll surely be borrowing from Rihanna’s closet in the years to come to inspire our wild side.

    If you’re a 3, you’ve got a heightened power to inspire others through your art. Whether it be your words, paint, or movement, take pride in knowing that someone out there is admiring what you do! Check out our guide to learn what being an Artist really means.

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