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    With a new presidential family making their way into the White House, what better way of welcoming them in then looking at the numbers of the Trump family in detail? Because, let’s face it—these guys are involved in more controversy than any other family to make their way into the political eye! We might as well get a better idea of exactly what we’re in for. Let’s at least look at the members of Trump’s squad who are old enough to truly have an impact! Numerology sure is cool, isn’t it?


    Now, we already know a thing or two about Trump in general. President Trump is a Life Path number 4, which gives him a profound ability to plan, and the creative inspiration to see things out. He also has a destiny number of 3, so communication and spreading the word are definitely his strong suit. With a Soul Urge number of 1, independence and freedom are also very high on his list. But, what’s that saying… ‘You are who you surround yourself with?’ Given that Trump is most often seen with his family, their numbers are just as important!


    First on our list of merry Trump family members is Trump’s wife, Melania Trump. The woman who defied all presidential odds by refusing to live in the actual White House as a first lady, holds a Life Path number of 2. Very harmony seeking with a peaceful demeanor, perhaps Melania Trump simply doesn’t want to ruffle any more feathers. Possessing a very sweet demeanor with incredible sensitivity to those around her, Melania also has a Personality number 7, making her a seeker of truth in all situations.


    Next, we’ve got Trump’s right-hand business woman, and incredibly gorgeous model daughter Ivanka Trump. Sharing a similarity with her father by possessing a Destiny number 3, Ivanka is optimistic, inspiring, outgoing, and expressive. But with a Life Path number 5, Ivanka’s personality is all about seeking freedom to explore and a desire to live a very curious life, which involves meeting many different people and experiencing life as one grand adventure.


    With a night and day difference in comparison to that of her sister Ivanka, Tiffany Trump steps up on the list with a Life Path number 9. Highly humanitarian and willing to go great lengths to ensure that everyone is happy, Tiffany also possesses a Destiny number of 6 making her far more willing to put the desires and needs of others before her own. Which probably explains why this Trump daughter always appears to be the one acting as the mediator in the family— the numerology really says it all, doesn’t it?


    With a similarity to Melania Trump on the Life Path number front, Eric Trump also possesses a Life Path number 2, making him highly sensitive and caring towards everyone he comes in contact with. But with a Destiny number 4, Eric also adds a nice dose of organization to the mix, making him incredible like his father at planning and structuring his ideas and objectives.


    Not only does Donald Trump Jr. share the name of his father, but he also shares the same Life Path number, making him a strategic and hard-working Life Path number 4 as well. In addition to the assistance of a knack for planning, President Trump’s son Donald also has a Destiny number of 6 to give him a nice dose of empathy towards those that he cares about as well.


    With a boat load of children all with their unique numerological make-up, along with one incredibly gorgeous wife who truly appears to have a heart of pure gold, President Trump brings with him a nice little crew of highly humanitarian planners with an objective towards making our country a better place. Whether or not that will happen, well, that’s just something we’ll have to wait to figure out. All in all, the Trump family does have some very promising numbers in regards to assisting us all in doing the best for our country. With tons of 4’s, 2’s, and 6’s to add to the mix—let’s hope that President Trump really can ‘Make America Great Again.’

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