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  • The Wild Child “Cash Me Ousside” Girl Is A Truth-Seeking 7?


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    Notoriously known as an internet sensation from her appearance with her mother on the Dr. Phil show, 13-year-old Danielle Peskowitz Bregoli has taken the world by storm with her dramatic displays of ‘bad kid’ behavior, and her blatantly disrespectful personality. She sounds like a real gem, right? Nope… Yet who would have guessed that the rebellious ‘bad girl’ who also happened to rob a make-up artist on set during the filming of the show, would make a name for herself in such a visible way? Let’s see what the numbers have to say about it!

    Interestingly enough born on March 26, 2003, Danielle Bregoli, or better known as the ‘Cash Me Ousside’ girl, holds a Life Path number 7 making her a highly inquisitive soul who is more than likely always searching for some sort of deeper meaning. Known widely for also possessing a certain air of mystery, Life Path number 7’s are said to be at their best when they learn to have faith. Due largely to their instinctive loner quality, Life Path number 7’s at their worst can take on a very ‘me’ focused persona in which their own needs and desires are all that they consider. These qualities may have been very evident in the way that this young Life Path number 7 handled confrontation—avoidance can be one of their greatest downfalls.


    But with that truth-seeking, knowledge hungry Life Path number 7, it doesn’t come as too big of a surprise that Danielle Bregoli also has an attractive, harmony-seeking, Soul Desire number of 6. Which is apparent in the many different boys she boasted about being with along with her slightly proactive attire! Although her appearance on the show could have led some to believe otherwise—number 6 Soul Desire numbers are known for attempting to flee the scene as soon as conflict arises. So, we may actually be able to credit her Soul Desire number for her infamous catchphrase ‘Cash Me Ousside.’ Not feeling too eager to confront conflict head on, Danielle was more than willing to take off running and handle things later!


    Next, we move on to Danielle’s Destiny number which is that of a Master number 22. Destiny number 22, which is actually considered to be the Master Builder, is said to assist people in reaching their dreams and making a strong impact on others. Although we aren’t quite sure about what exactly Danielle dreams of per-se—we can definitely say that with over 3 million YouTube views to the video above, and countless memes circulating the internet, that Danielle Bregoli has made an impact. We just aren’t completely sure what kind of impact she’s made just yet. But one thing we can say is that if this girl plans to pursue show business, she’s well on her way! According to TMZ, Danielle has already been contacted by 7 production companies—4 of which are interested in assisting in getting her on reality TV!


    Lastly, Danielle also holds a Personality number 7, giving her an even greater desire to really understand, and get to the very bottom of things. At the same time, it makes her incredibly hard to get to know due to her apparent mystical nature. With an inquisitive personality, the ability to charm and attract others, and that wonderful number 22 Destiny number giving her the ability to make one heck of an impact—the ‘Cash Me Ousside’ girl, Danielle Bregoli, truly does appear to be making one heck of a splash! Although, along with that splash she has also caused quite a bit of an uproar with regards to what America’s Youth appears to be becoming. But that’s a story for a different day! Instead, let’s just try our hardest to enjoy the fact that this crazy little American wild child has assisted in giving us all a nice laugh or two via the plethora of parody videos devoted to her like the one below! Once again, the numbers—they just don’t lie.


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